Esportsly launches its first tournament

Hey Gamers!

We got some fresh news for you. We are launching our first tournament today!

Esportsly is going to host a full online Iberian Rocket League tournament for the next couple of months: Iberian League by Esportsly or just ILE. The tournament will consist in a 3v3 mode, where Portuguese and Spanish teams will fight for a prize of 2.000 Euros.

We are proud to announce that Prozis will be the first partner to join Esportsly’s first competition. Prozis will sponsor our tournament with a total of 1.000 € in coupons to be distributed among the four best teams that will reach the final stage of ILE tournament and to the player who scores the most number of goals in that final phase.

If you want to know more about our partner Prozis, check our latest public announcement posted on our website and social media.

So get ready for this incredible competition and Exceed Yourself!

On May, 2nd and May, 3rd we are going to host two qualifier tournaments per country, where the Top 2 teams of each qualifier will move to the Regular Stage. There will be no limit to the number of teams in the qualifiers. 

During the Regular Stage, the best 8 teams will fight to win a place in the Final Stage, but only 4 four teams can compete for the final prize.

Don’t forget that the competition will be held 100% online and the live broadcast will be available during the Regular and the Final Stage.

The schedule will be as follow:

Qualifier Stage: 

  • 1st ES qualifier – May 2nd
  • 1st PT qualifier – May 2nd
  • 2nd ES qualifier – May 3rd
  • 2nd PT qualifier – May 3rd

Regular Stage:

  • 1st match day – May 16th
  • 2nd match day – May 17th
  • 3rd match day – May 23rd
  • 4th match day – May 24th
  • 5th match day – May 30th
  • 6th match day – May 31st
  • 7th match day – June 6th

Final Stage:

  • June 20th – June 21st

Don’t forget to check the tournament website for more information and updates:

Stay tuned for further details and let’s shape esports together!