For The Win EVO becomes GTZBulls in the Regular Stage

Dear fellow players,

As stated in point 4.2.2 of Iberian League by Esportsly’s regulation, “In the regular split it is only allowed to have one team by organization/club with the same owner. The brand of the team has to be unique, and therefore cannot exist two teams with the same logo or name.”



In accordance with the rules stated, and due to the qualification, for the Regular Stage of ILE, of two teams from For The Win’s organization, the players of the team For The Win EVO, will hereby change organizations. Hence, Henrique “Henriquejmf” Ferreira, Duarte “KingTugaTV” Martins e Owen “Psycho” Williams will represent GTZBulls in the next stages of the competition.

Good luck to all players for the next phase and let’s shape esports together!