Suprmode 3 – EC4 Gaming 1

Fellow community,

Last Sunday, May 31st, during the match between Suprmode and EC4 Gaming, there were two incidents that happened, and were later protested by both teams, for which Esportsly believes to be pertinent to overrule about.

During Game 3, the player Karsten from EC4 Gaming was disconnected from the game in progress. In this regard, Esportsly has decided to not repeat the game given that incidents of this nature are foreseen in Rule 3.6.3. from Iberian League by Esportsly’s rulebook.

Minutes later, following a miss click, one of Esportsly’s League Ops joined Game 4, in which he stayed for a total of 30 seconds. After the conclusion of this series, the final score was 3-2 in favor of Suprmode. However, taking into consideration the length taken by this incident, Esportsly has proposed a redo of the match to both teams.

“After analyzing the match, we reached the decision to repeat it in order to restore its integrity, which was not verified by the presence of Esportsly’s League Ops during a period of time in what we consider to be excessive.” – André Esteves, Chief Operating Officer

As such, the final series, between Suprmode and EC4 Gaming, was reschedule and, consequently, concluded on June 3rd, with a final score of 3-1 in favor of Suprmode.

Following this matter, Esportsly apologizes for any incovenience this incident may have caused to both teams and everyone in the community.

Iberian League by Esportsly will be back next Saturday for the last matches of its Regular Stage, so don’t forget to check them in our twitch channel and cheer for your favorite team.

Let’s shape esports together!