Vodafone Giants win Iberian League by Esportsly

Dear community,

On the dates of June 20th and June 21st, ILE’s Final Stage was played with four teams fighting for the first place and the so desired prizes.

After an amazing run, and without loosing a single match, the Spanish team Vodafone Giants (Former Canyons), become ILE’s worthy first champions and collect the prize of 1.000€.

ILE’s final ranking and prizes:

  1. 1. Vodafone Giants – 1.000€
  2. 2. Los Hombres de Paco – 500€
  3. 3. EC4 Gaming – 300€
  4. 4. SUPRMODE – 200€

We want to leave a note of appreciation to every team, player, caster, sponsor and every viewer and fan that followed and participated on the tournament.

Thank you all and let’s shape esports together!